Here are some of the amazing fabrication projects we have had the privilege to be a part of. 


Vdara, City Center Las Vegas

This curtain wall with chevron design was cut from 1/2" aluminum plate and covers the entire building entrance facade



The Smith Center, Las Vegas

These Chandeliers were put together with thousands of small parts cut from brass, then meticulously assembled and nickel plated by one of our favorite clients.  The largest of the chandeliers has a 14' diameter at the top and weighs over 5,000 lbs.   If you look closely you will see the holes in top structure they hang from, they double as the AC ventilation system for the room.



Gucci, Crystals at City Center Las Vegas

The repeating Gucci logos were cut from 1/2" aluminum plate and cover the entire outside façade of the building.  It required over 120 sheets of 1/2" aluminum to complete the project and was completed ahead of schedule by our ability to run 24/7 shifts. We did all of the design based off meticulous field measurements to meet the compound angles.  Our design included installation solutions that allowed the project to be completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Salt Lake City Federal Courthouse

There are 13 security camera posts that were laser fused in Switzerland and brought to Las Vegas, we cut the camera holes into the fabricated posts.  If you happen to visit, hopefully on good terms, then take note of the security desk and the doorways for the elevators made form stainless steel, all cut on our waterjet.


Hakkasan, Las Vegas

These curtain walls in the Ling Ling room were cut from 1-1/2" thick marble slabs, each panel took from 6 to 10 hours to complete depending on the pattern.  The diamond pattern varies throughout the room.


Rockefeller Center, New York City - Decorative Planter Boxes cut from 3/8" aluminum 

Devon Energy tower,Oklahoma City - Brushed stainless headers and door jambs cut from 1/4" stainless steel on every floor - Brushed stainless steel feature wall and lobby desks

 Luis Vuitton at Crystals in City Center Las Vegas - Brushed stainless elevator cladding on all 3 floors from 1/4" 304 stainless steel

Vdara Hotel at City Center Las Vegas - aluminum awning cut from forty  6 x12' sheets of 1/2" aluminum providing shade and style to the main entrance 

 Vdara and Aria atrium at City Center Las Vegas - Vehicle barriers cut from thirty 5 x10' plates of 1" mild steel and the light boxes.

Monorail stations in City Center Las Vegas - Stainless railing stanchions cut from 5/8" stainless steel 

Crystals Shopping Center in City Center Las Vegas - Substructures of Glacia and Lumia water features, the ice tubes are made 20 feet under the water feature and rise above the floor every morning

 M Resort & Casino Las Vegas - Signage cut from 3/4" acrylic

Centennial Hills Transit Center Las Vegas - We fabricated, polished, and welded mounting studs to these stainless letters and numbers cut from 1/2" stainless steel.

Venetian Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Cash cage cut from 1/2" brass 

Veer Towers in City Center Las Vegas - Custom stainless vents cut from 1/4" stainless steel

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas - Grommets cut from 1/2" stainless steel 

Automotive Manufacturing - Custom lightweight 1/2"-5/8" thick aluminum racing crossmembers for late 60's early 70's models mustangs and camaros selling on summit racing's website

Delta terminal at JFK airport in New York City - Custom light fixtures parts

George Bush Library in Texas - Custom  brass slotted inserts for chandelier

General Motors' Cadillac, GMC, Chevrolet, and Buick auto show displays - Aluminum railing, bases, and speaker towers

UCLA's stadium the Pauley Pavillion - Court to floor transition plates, elevator door jambs, signage

Newport Beach Civic Center - Stainless steel bollards, railing, and kiosks

 Silverton Casino Las Vegas - Glass feature wall 

Salt Lake City U.S. Federal District Courthouse - Stainless steel headers, door jambs, custom window mullions and laser fused security camera pylons

World Financial Center in New York City - Custom light fixtures 

T3 Terminal, Mccarran Airport - Stainless steel railing 

Hakassan Night Club Las Vegas- Stainless steel door jambs, Stainless steel DJ booth, Custom Marble partition walls, Custom stainless door pulls

Walt Disney World - More than a thousand of 2" thick composite foam decorative post corbels 

Four Seasons Florida - 3/16", 1/4",1/2",3/4",and 1" thick brass light fixture parts as well as 1-1/4" thick aluminum light fixture parts 

 Disney Aulani Resort - 2" thick steel baseplates and 1/8" stainless steel decorative post rings

San Francisco Hospital  - 1" thick stainless steel chill rings and stainless steel custom railing throughout the facility

Sacramento California Railyard - 1/4" stainless steel custom railing components

LAX Airport - Custom oculous light reflector alignment mounts from 1/2" stainless steel

San Francisco 49ers Stadium - Miscellaneous steel washers and structural railing supports

NYPD Police Academy - Custom Lighting fixtures from 1/2" brass and 1" aluminum

Graton Rancheria Casino, CA - My China restaurant decorative curtain walls cut from quarter inch aluminum

Wynn Las Vegas, Custom fence pattern on Las Vegas Blvd cut from 1/2" steel plate

Luis Vuitton Fashion Show Mall Las Vegas - Custom floor hardwood inlay to match existing polished brass Luis Vuitton logo

 The Linq Wheel  Las Vegas - Custom railing components from 1/4" 316 stainless for the largest ferris wheel in the world

  Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Beverly Hills,  CA - Custom hand railing from 3/4" steel for amphitheater

Nike Store San Francisco,  CA  - Framework cut from 1/4" aluminum for architectural bleacher sculpture using reclaimed wood bleachers

Harley Davidson, Las Vegas Strip - Custom perforation panels made to match pictures provided by the customer.